Tower T17005 Air Fryer Review

Tower T17005 Air Fryer ReviewTower kitchenware brand is UK based and is popular for its innovative, stylish and quality products. If you are from UK, there is a great chance that you already own a Tower product, if not, and then you need to get yourself one immediately. The company was set up in 1912 in Wolverhampton and it began its kitchenware journey by manufacturing bakeware, electrical kitchenware, etc. The vision of Tower appliances is to make food preparation a simple and mess free task. All the products introduced by Tower have received incredible number of positive reviews. The electronic appliances are easy to operate and are available in sleek and professional designs, check out our in-depth Tower T17005 Air Fryer review below.

Tower T17005 Air Fryer Review

Tower has introduced several models of air fryers in the market but the one that caught our eye was the T17005. It has a compact exterior but is spacious enough to cook a wholesome meal for big family. The main idea behind investing in an air fryer is to make crunchy and crispy foods which are less unhealthy.

And the Tower T17005 lives up to its promises. This fryer includes some fantastic features and lets you cook food with very less amount of oil and in very less time. For people who need to maintain a healthy diet but wont love to get their hands on some crispy chips or juicy chicken legs, then you need to invest in the Tower T17005. The company offers the product at a very affordable price and plenty of online sellers like Amazon and eBay often have discounts on these air fryers. To get the best deals, browse through several e-retailers and compare prices. Make sure the online store has a return policy, before you make a purchase.

The Tower T17005 is available in 1350 watts and 1400 watts, but this article reviews the 1350 watts air fryer from Tower.

Why Buy The Tower T17005 Air Fryer

  • 1350 Watts Power. Since it works on 1350 watts you can cook food by using less electricity. It also cooks very fast compared to other products in this category.
  • Temperature control 80 – 200 degrees C. The air fryer comes with easy to use temperature setting. The control lets you adjust the temperature from 80 to 200 degrees. This feature lets you cook in different ways such as roasting, grilling and baking. You can also cook vegetables as well meat with fewer calories. To make sure the food is evenly cooked cut the ingredients evenly.
  • Healthy cooking uses little or no oil. To cook food all you need to do is put in all the ingredients along with the seasonings and drizzle little oil or don’t use oil at all. Close the lid and turn it on after setting the temperature. You end up with delicious dish with less fat.
  • Rapid air circulation system. All air fryers use the hot air circulating technology to cook the food. Once switched on the fryer heats the air to an extreme temperature and circulates it around the food ingredients. This cooks the food to perfection and evenly, keeping the outside crispy and the inside tender.
  • Sophisticated Design. The exterior is superbly designed. It has a glossy finish and is very smooth and shiny. The material used is high-quality plastic which makes the gadget durable.
  • 3.2L Capacity which serves 5. It has a holding capacity of 3.2L which means you can cook food for a family of 5. The meals are cooked instantly and this gadget is an excellent choice for big families.
  • 30 minute timer with bell. The Tower T17005 Air Fryer comes with an automatic timer. You need to set the cooking time in the beginning. You will be notified with a beeping sound once the meal is cooked.
  • Easy-Clean and dishwasher safe parts. Cleaning and washing appliances is very frustrating in most cases, but it is not so in the case of Tower T17005. This fryer comes with a basket and fry bowl, which are easy to remove and are dishwasher friendly. You can also wash them manually with liquid soap.
  • Recipe Book. The package also includes a recipe book which contains some amazing recipes that can be prepared in this Tower air fryer
  • It has a closed cooking system which prevents odor and splatters. The most annoying thing about cooking especially while cooking fish is the odor. The closed design ensures that the odor does not escape outside and prevents splattering which otherwise happens in the traditional cooking method.
  • The Cooking system. It includes hot keys for cooking different kinds of food

Tower T17005 Air Fryer Review


Technical Specifications

Model Number – T17005
Colour – Black
Item Weight – 3.9 Kg
Product Dimensions – 37 x 31.2 x 31 cm
Diameter – 28.5 centimetres
Capacity – 3.2 litres
Power / Wattage – 1350 watts


  • It cooks really fast
  • Uses less than 80 percent of fat for cooking
  • Energy efficient
  • It comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Comes with a large cooking basket
  • Includes a fabulous recipe book
  • It is uncomplicated to handle and simple to clean.
  • It features a timer that sends out a beep as soon as the cycle finishes
  • Affordable Price



  • None


Customer Reviews

Customers have provided positive reviews on numerous sites. The Tower T17005 has scored 4.5/5 rating on Amazon which is excellent. Only a very few customers have expressed disappointment in the product.
Some of the reviews include –

“Impressed delivery was quick and the item itself was excellent,… Very impressed delivery was quick and the item itself was excellent , would defiantly recommend it”.
“just what I wanted doing away with grease to block up your arteries!”

Our Verdict

The Tower T17005 is an excellent air fryer which has plenty of features and comes with an affordable price tag. A must-buy if you want to enjoy healthy food instantly.