Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer Review

Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer ReviewTefal have something of a glowing reputation when it comes to designing and building slick and very practical kitchen appliances and gadgets. They are interested in making and distributing products that their loyal customers and potential customers actually want, which is why it makes sense that the number one rival to Phillips original Air Fryer is the ActiFry from Tefal, check out our actifry air fryer review.

In the following post we will look a little closer at the 1.2 kg version of the ActiFry, giving you an opportunity to see briefly what all the fuss is about and why it is such a top seller.

Healthy Alternative To Deep Fat Frying

Like any of the new low fat fryer models on the market at the moment, the Tefal ActiFry is a very healthy alternative to deep fat frying. You get more or less the same desirable effect when cooking something like fries or chips in the ActiFry with just 1 spoonful of oil (of your choice) for 1 Kg of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside chips. They are not the same as their healthy cousins, oven chips, because they actually crisp up and look like they may as well have been fried.

Hassle Free Even Cooking

One of the great attentions to details Tefal have included in their ActiFry range of products, including this particular machine, is the rotating paddle. The paddle rotates automatically during the cooking process to ensure food is cooked evenly, with the distinct advantage to you that you do not need to shake or stir it halfway through like you may have to with other brands and models

Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer ReviewIncredibly Versatile

Obviously you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a machine that will just cook fries and chips similarly to a deep fat fryer without the calories and oil. The more a product can do, the better value it is and the great thing is, like most air fryers and low fat fryers, you don’t have to limit yourself to just using the ActiFry for cooking amazing tasting chips. You can also use it to fry chicken portions for a truly lip smacking mouth watering home-made take on southern fried chicken, as well as virtually anything else including meat, fish and even baked goods such as cakes, muffins, pies and tarts.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Tefal have always been a company known for creating products that are almost intuitive as they can be operated by virtually anyone with very limited practice. To cook using the ActiFry, you just need to place the food you want to air fry, add a spoonful of oil, close the lid and then set the timer to the appropriate cooking time and the rest is left to the machine. The timer goes all the way up to 99 seconds and sounds a very audible noise to tell you the food is cooked. The ActiFry will cook at the reasonably balanced temperature of 170 degrees Celsius. The company have even not only made the lid to the ActiFry steam free but added a viewing section so you can watch your food and make sure it is cooking properly without actually opening or stopping.

If you do want to add something during the cooking process, you can simply press on the lid, which will trigger a mechanism that temporarily pauses the machine. Once you have added whatever or stirred it, when you are ready to restart cooking the food, you simply press the lid back down again and it will resume.

Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer ReviewEasy To Clean

As we have said time and time again and we are sue you are aware, if not on a personal level or from friends and relatives who ever owned a deep fat fryer, it is never easy to clean one. Tefal have taken the hassle out of even the washing up and clearing up side of making food. After you have finished using the ActiFry, you simply serve up your meal, eat it and enjoy. Then you can put the lid, bowl and paddle all in the dishwasher, if you have one, for extra convenience.


If you are willing to pay a little more for an appliance made by a higher quality manufacturer and the price was right, offering great value for your hard earned cash – that kind of product would be worth considering. As you have seen from the above, the Tefal ActiFry would definitely fall into the category.