Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer Review

Duronic AF1 B Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer ReviewAir fryers, if you aren’t already familiar, are the newest and most revolutionary way to cook tasty, fried food quickly and healthily. If you are looking to cook things like chips and chicken, as well as many other things, so that they turn out the same way they do when you get them from the local fried chicken shop or chip shop, then you you should consider getting your hands on a air fryer.

The Duronic AF1 is the reputable kitchen electrical goods manufacturer’s entry into this section of the market and it is as good as you’d expect from the brand. It is not the priciest of items, so if you are looking for a budget air fryer model, then this may be the one for you. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer and why you should consider it.

Uses Circulated Hot Air To Cook

Unlike a deep fat fryer, the Duronic AF1 uses little to no oil and technology that circulates hot air around the food inside it to cook it perfectly and quickly. As the air is moved all over the inside, the food is cooked quickly and evenly, so you never have to worry about meat not being cooked all the way through or serving raw/half cooked food.

User-Friendly Controls

There is an easy to use temperature control which enables you to select the right level of heat to cook the particular food you want to from 0 to 200 degrees Celsius. Along with the temperature control there is also a cooking timer knob that enables you to select how long you want to cook your food for, with an auto-off function and a sound indicator for extra safety.

Safer Cooking System

The Duronic AF1, like most air fryers out there right now, is a lot safer to use to cook with than a deep fat fryer, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you do not need to use a whole large container full of oil that is going to be heated to a high temperature and could tip over. As with most air fryers you only require a small amount of oil, if even that. The AF1 has a closed cooking system which enables you to cook with splattering or splashing any oil or hot liquids anywhere and keeps odours to a minimum. You will also find that even when the machine is being used, it has a cooled exterior, making it safe at all times.

Easy To Clean

One of the most labour intensive things about owning a deep fat fryer is the clean-up. You have to get rid of all that used oil, then you have to clean up the container – none of which is much fun at all. Things are different with air fryers such as the AF1 as the basket and the fry bowl are both dishwasher safe, instantly saving you a lot of time and effort.

Compact But Big Enough

As you’d probably imagine by it’s affordable price tag, the AF1 is one of the smaller and more compact models on the market. However, despite is small build, it is still capable of holding, at full capacity, 2 litres in hits safe frying drawer, so still more than enough for a small household.

Duronic AF1 B Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer Review2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Duronic understand why it is important to have their customer’s loyalty and support and that the only way they can have that is by showing some kind of trust. With that in mind they have ensured that the AF1 comes with a full 2 years warranty for parts and labour, so if the inevitable happens and your air fryer breaks down within that time, you are entitled to fully covered repairs and replacements.


To summarise, if you are in the market for a safe, healthy and quick way to make fried food that tastes like fried food without the volume of oil used by a deep fat fryer and thus the high calorie intake, you should be seriously considering an air fryer. If you have a tight budget and want a machine that does exactly what it says on the tin and has been designed and built by a reputable company, then the Duronic AF1 air fryer might just be the appliance you are looking for to change the way you cook and eat food forever.