Awesome Air Fried Chips Recipe

air fried chipsWho doesn’t love the simple pleasure in life of a French fry or chip? The golden-brown crispy outer case that holds the fluffy, soft melt in mouth middle. The problem with a good French fry or chip shop chip that to achieve it in the past, you would need a deep fat fryer and a dangerous and unhealthy amount of cooking oil. Unless of course you gave in and bought some from the local chip shop.

Oven chips although a great way to enjoy chips conveniently and healthily never ever matched deep fried chips in terms of flavour and texture. Things changed however when Phillips designed and manufactured their first Airfryer model in 2010. From day one, the Airfryer was touted as a revolutionary way to cook healthier food, faster with all the flavour of it being deep fried.

The Phillips Airfryer and other models by other manufactures, relies on only a small amount of oil and super heated air to cook food to give the impression of it being fried. One of the things in particular that the Airfryer and devices like it were marketed as being perfect for was cooking chips that taste like chip shop chips with the added bonus of being healthier.

If you are looking for a good reason to buy an Airfryer or already have one, you may be wondering what the secret is to cook chips this way. Well, the great news is that we have put together a great recipe for you below that will help you to use your air fryer to cook healthy but nonetheless delicious chips from the comfort of your own home.

Air Fried Chips Recipe

This recipe for chips serves 2 people and takes around 5 minutes to prepare and then 25 minutes to actually cook.


  • 4 x medium sized potatoes
  • 4 x tablespoons of Olive Oil
  • Pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning


Begin by peeling your potatoes and then cut them into fries. Place the fries inside the Airfryer and set the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and then add the olive oil. Cook them for just 2 minutes to begin with and then give them a shake, before cooking them for another 8 minutes and shaking them again. You then have the option to either cook them for another 15 minutes on the same temperature setting; or if you want particularly golden-brown fries, you can turn up the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius and cook them for just another 5 minutes.

Once they have finished cooking, season them with salt and pepper and serve them piping hot.

Some Extra Hint And Tips For Making Your Air Fired Chips

  • While we are sure the above recipe will produce excellent results time and time again, we have also pulled our resources and come up with a list of some handy tips and advice that will help ensure your air fried chips look and taste as good as possible.
  • One of the keys to making the perfect fries in the air fryer is using just the right amount of oil to make them taste special.
  • If you use too much, they will end up tasting and looking like really bad, soggy chip shop chips; while if you use too little they will turn out really dry.
  • Shake the fries at least a couple of times between cooking as this will make sure that all the chips are cooked properly and will stop them cooking unevenly and even some not cooking at all.
  • Although it is very much down to your own preference what way you choose to prepare them, they will cook a lot better and crispier if they are cut into fries rather than chunky chips.
  • Remember, if you are a big fan of very golden-brown and crispy fries, you need to increase the cooking time by 5 minutes at least and cook them on a higher, 200 degrees Celsius heat.
  • You should always follow the cooking ratio of 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil to one medium sized potato, so adjust this to the amount of potatoes you are cooking.


The above is a good starting point for basic, tasty fries/chips. Remember though, there is plenty of room to experiment with different flavourings, such as adding chilli flakes or other forms of seasoning to give your potatoes a fiery kick. Try them once and we are sure you will never want to have chips any other way than cooked in your air fryer.