Airfryer v Actifry

airfryer v actifry

If you run any search through Google, Bing or your chosen search engine or browse through the articles and reviews on this website, you will notice that there are actually two, very similar, low fat “fryers”. There are actually more than two on the market, but as the Phillips Airfryer and The Tefal ActiFry are two of the most popular, they are worthy of special consideration.

Tefal and Phillips are undeniably two of the biggest and most respected electrical goods and appliances manufacturers in the United Kingdom and although they have different names, the Airfryer and ActiFry are very comparable. If you have made the decision to purchase either one of these items, but want to know which may be best for you, this is the page for you. Below we will look at both head to head and compare and contrast them, giving you a clear idea of what the main benefits of both machines are.


To begin with it makes sense to look at both low fat cooking appliances from a capacity point of view. The Tefal ActiFry is a little larger with a 1.2 Kg capacity which is more than enough to feed a medium to large sized family, while the the Airfryer is only 800 g, it does have a shelf to add an extra dimension to the cooking experience. Most people use that for cooking fish, chips or something they want to cook so that it has a grilled effect.

Obviously if you have a large household, the Tefal model would suit better; while if you have you and possibly one other person to cook for, then the Phillips Airfryer should be adequately sized.

The Actual Cooking

Both the ActiFry and the Airfryer are considered low fat fryers. The benefit of both is that they can cook tasty, fried-like food without the guilt associated with deep fat fryers. They are also a lot safer, as there is no large container full of super hot oil that could spill and that you do not have to worry about disposing of and cleaning up afterwards. They both will sounds a little too good to be true, but when you consider the reviews and other pieces on this website, we are sure you will see that the actual facts are that they are a great way to cook tasty food with a healthier edge to them.


Both types of low fat fryer are also incredibly convenient. With the ActiFry you actually have a paddle that turns food over during the cooking process, so you don’t have to, this is great as it allows you to cook a meal without having to slave over the appliance. The Airfryer features various handy options and functions to make the cooking process as hassle-free as possible. They are also incredibly quick, as you can cook chicken and chips in around 25 minutes or less using the Airfryer.

The Cost

When you look at the price difference, there is actually quite a significant gap in the cost of both appliances. While the ActiFry costs around $180, the Airfryer is about a third of the price. However, the cooking capacity, as you can see above, is much higher and allows you to cook for up to five different people. So, cost alone cannot be taken as the only factor when looking at a low fryer to suit your needs.

Although both models come with free recipe booklets, giving you recipes, tips and advice about getting the best from your fryer, only the ActiFry has an app dedicated to it where you can get further content to help you get the best out of it.

Final Decision

When it comes to making the final decision about whether you decide to purchase the Tefal ActiFry or the Phillips Airfryer, there are a lot of factors you should take into consideration. Functionality-wise, they are both comparative, but when you look at things like the capacity and cost, that is when there are clear differences.

Of course, a lot of your decision depends obviously on your own personal preference. They are both really good choices and both produce healthier food than the alternatives such as deep fat fryers and the brands are both very reputable, reliable and have many years experience designing and manufacturing convenient, user-friendly gadgets, gizmos and appliances for the kitchen especially, but also around the home.