How Does An Air Fryer Work?

how does an air fryer work

The culinary world has undergone a magnificent revolution, with all its highly upgraded equipment and convenient cooking methods, all thanks to technology. Gone are the days when you have to worry about cardiac arrests and the other ailments that are associated with consuming food loaded with extra oil. We all have our cravings for oily food and now you can easily cultivate them without worrying. You can have all your beloved French fries, snacks and everything oily without a care in the world when you have an air fryer at your disposal.

You must have come across the numerous advertisements of air fryer that have taken over the media these days. Well, if you are hearing more about it lately, let us tell you that air fryers were first introduced to the market in 2010 in Europe as well as Australia. Subsequently, North America along with Japan followed suit. The Japanese air fryers were manufactured with the chief purpose of preparing fried prawns. Crispy chips are made by using air fryers in countries like Netherlands and the UK. The delectable chicken fries are made by the Americans with the help of the air fryers and Indians make their good old samosas with it. You must be wondering that how can an instrument prepare these quintessential oily snacks and yet not be guilty of serving oily food? We will explain it to you. We have elaborated the mechanism for you below and categorized them in bullet points for your convenience.

Heated Air Circulation

The mere name suggests that this instrument has got to do something with hot air. Yes, you are right. Air fryers simply circulate the highly heated air inside them and cook the dishes. Do not think that taste will lessen in this process. Using air fryers will provide you with healthy as well as tasty food at the same time.

You have come across food items which are loaded with extra fat. Well, this category of food is cooked by air fryers with the aid of Rapid Air technology. It merely circulates the air to extremely high temperature, for instance, 200 degrees Celsius to prepare items like chips, chicken, pastries, fish and all. The new generation of cooking procedures is characterized by the Rapid Air technology and it revolutionized the methods of frying.

The fries made by air fryers are crunchy and brown in color, the fat content of the fries are reduced to a great extent as well. In fact, up to 80% of the content of fat is reduced, if you compare it with the cooking methods used traditionally.

Fan Assisted Heating Element

The heating element of the air fryer is situated very near to the cooking chamber, which renders the process of cooking much easier and apt. The cooking chamber has the exhaust fan right above it which assists in the proper flow of the air coming from the lower side of the fryer. It allows the passage of the heated air continuously through the food. Hence, all portions of the food are subjected to an equal temperature of heating. The usage of a fan along with a grill aids in the blasting of hot air at a very high velocity. The results will be visible when you taste the food finally, hence it retains all the healthy qualities. This is one of the biggest perks of using an air fryer.

Just like a rice cooker, a huge tray that can be removed is present in an air fryer. Just 12 minutes, that is all it will take to serve your favorite delicacies. Though the food remains fried and the taste remains intact, but still, it is very healthy with a huge reduction in a number of calories.

Healthiest Frying Option

You will be surprised at the negligible amount of fat that is needed for cooking in an air fryer. For instance, a whole lot of chips can be fried comfortably by using as little as half of the amount of a spoonful of oil. Do not think that the potato chips will be any less crispy due to using such less oil, though!

We know how much you love junk food items like Hamburgers, delicious French fries as well as steaks. Only a few minutes and your favorite dishes will be ready. Also, do you intend to surprise a dear one with a nice birthday cake, yet are afraid of the elaborate baking process? Do not worry, for 25 minutes is all you need and a lovely cake will be ready in an air fryer.

The temperature is controlled adequately with the help of exhaust system. This is facilitated by the internal pressure and the emission of the extra air that is necessary to cook the food. The surplus air is, however, filtered very well prior to its release. You should note that this action contributes to lesser environmental pollution as well. It does not result in the foul smell that accompanies frying. So all the more reason for you to purchase an air fryer!

You should also know the cooling system well before using the appliance. You do not need to be concerned with the extremely hot air that characterizes air fryers. All of them are equipped with their system of cooling which includes a fan that is mounted on the axis of the motor which helps in controlling the internal temperature effectively. You can be assured that the fan cleans the ambiance inside the fryer. The system of cooling enables fresh air to make way through the filters, then, advance to the end of the fryer. Since fresh air passes from the top to the extreme lower end, you can be sure that the internal portions of the fryer are cooled properly.

So, after reading this, we are sure that you are convinced enough about investing in an air fryer. With its innumerable perks and unconventional culinary methods it surely is worth buying. Have a hearty meal with air fryer and its delicacies!