Does An Air Fryer Need Oil?

air fryer oil free

Does the name air fryer indicate frying using hot air to you? You are absolutely right then! Air fryers use hot hair to fry food items. They circulate air at a very high temperature and use the process of convection to fry, bake and roast things. They make this unbelievable thing of frying using oil possible and thus keep you healthy without compromising with the taste!

There are some varieties of food that do not require any oil for being prepared in the air fryer while some others will need just a small amount of oil for making. These fryers heat air to a temperature of about 200 degree centigrade and use this circulating air to heat up things and thus fry them without using oil. Using the Rapid Air Technology, a revolutionary technology, they manage to cook food without using oil. Yet they manage to bring the ultimate crisp and tempting texture to the food, so that you do not have to compromise with the taste.

But how is it possible to fry food without oil?

In an air fryer, heat is produced in the heating element present inside the chamber. There’s an exhaust fan located above the cooking chamber that maintains the air flow. This heated air can constantly pass through the food, thus allowing it to be heated uniformly. The rotation of the fan allows the hot air to be circulated to fry the food without using oil. Thus, frying without oil is possible within a very short time span of 12 minutes using a convection current of hot air. The food prepared is much healthy and does not require any extra fat.

The unique fan-and-grill combo of the fryer makes it possible to cook food in the healthiest method possible without affecting the quality.

Only a spoonful of oil is required to make finger-licking French fries in an air fryer. This is much less as compared to the deep fryer that needs about 3-4 quarts of oil. The quantity of oil is thus reduced to about 70-80% of the quantity needed in case of a deep fryer which in turn reduces your calorie count. In fact, it has been experimentally observed that the quantity of oil used in an air fryer is 50% lesser than that used in a baking oven! So, those who believe in oven-frying as a healthier alternative, go for the air fryer instead!

Baking a cake in the air fryer requires oil only for greasing purpose. No additional oil is required.
If you are preparing burgers in the air fryer, you will require no oil at all! Just pick some healthy vegetables, condiments and spices and get a pair of soft buns to sandwich them in between.- the air fryer will make a delicious burger for you without using any oil!

Baked fish and frozen food such as chicken salami can also be prepared in the air fryer without using any oil.
But does the taste of food remain same without the use of oil?

Yes, the taste of food prepared using an air fryer is the same as that made by using a deep fryer. The same dark exterior and soft and tender inside! The food will look good, feel good and taste great without the use of oil or negligible oil.

An air fryer supports the use of all the oils available in the market such as mustard oil, white oil and olive oil. The healthier oil varieties such as soyabean oil and canola oils can also be used. Since only a little amount of oil is required, you can easily afford these expensive oils. Also, there’s no question of oil remaining in excess since the little oil that is taken gets used up in making the food.

An air fryer thus uses the minimum oil to keep you healthy and fit!